Researchers take audience questions after Unrest film

Cornell ME/CFS collaborative research center researchers fielded audience questions after the showing of Jennifer Brea‘s documentary film “Unrest” at Cinemapolis in Ithaca. 

Betsy Keller, Exercise and Sport Sciences Professor from Ithaca College and Maureen Hanson, Liberty Hyde Bailey Professor of Molecular Biology & Genetics at Cornell University shared clarifications and learned from the audience, comprised of patients, healthcare professionals, researchers and community members.

A local newspaper article provides more details. Seeking an Elusive Cure 

Handouts described how both patients and controls will be recruited to participate in the planned studies, with updates posted at this website.

The movie underscored the plight of misunderstood patients, physicians who are not familiar with the symptoms, and the lack of public understanding of the disease. A notable section highlighted the fact that funding for ME/CFS is very low.

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