Special Seminar

Advances in Metabolic Research provide new perspectives on Bioenergetics and Energy Metabolism

Brian Dranka, Ph.D.
Director of Biology and Applications, Agilent Technologies

Friday, December 6, 2016  
9:00 AM, Room G01 Biotechnology Building
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Center Member Seminar

Physiological responses to exertion are abnormal and unique in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Betsy Keller, Ph.D. Professor
School of Health Sciences and Human Performance, Ithaca College

Monday, November 21, 2016   4:00 PM   Room G01 Biotechnology Building  
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Special Seminar

Understanding Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome disease in the US caused by chronically disabling enterovirus

Byron Hyde, M.D.
Nightingale Research Foundation
Ottawa, Canada

Friday, November 18, 2:00 PM
Room G01 Biotechnology Building

Presentations at IACFS/ME Meeting in October 2016

A number of Members of the Cornell ENID Center will present research at the IACFS/ME meeting in October in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The patient agenda also includes Daniel Peterson, M.D. on a panel discussion on Rituximab and Emerging Treatments.

The following presentations by Cornell ENID Center members are in the Professional Agenda:

Workshop: How cardiopulmonary exercise testing informs pathology and treatment
Mark VanNess, Ph.D., Christopher Snell, PhD (Workwell Foundation), Betsy Keller, Ph.D. (Ithaca College)

Workshop: Acute and chronic enteroviral infection
John Chia, M.D. (UCLA School of Medicine)

How cardiopulmonary exercise testing informs pathology and treatment
Betsy Keller, Ph.D. (Ithaca College)

Alterations in the enteric bacterial and viral microbiome in ME/CFS
Ludovic Giloteaux, Ph.D. (Cornell University)

N-Acetylcysteine alleviates cortical glutathione deficit and improves symptoms in CFS:
An in vivo validation study using proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Dikoma Shungu, Ph.D. (Weill Cornell Medicine)

Mitochondrial dysfunction: A potential etiology for ME/CFS?
Panelist Dikoma Shungu, Ph.D., (Weill Cornell Medicine)

Diagnosing CFS/ME; Difficult clinical cases: focus on fatigue and pain
John Chia, M.D. (UCLA School of Medicine), Dan Peterson, M.D., Sierra Internal Medicine, Nevada

Allergic disorder phenotypes in ME/CFS and patterns of medical comorbidity and clinical dysfunction
Susan Levine, M.D Private Practice, Manhattan, NY and Cornell University

Cardiopulmonary exercise testing demonstrates post-exertional chronotropic incompetence
Mark Van Ness, Ph.D.  (Workwell Foundation)

Subsets of ME/CFS patient responses to a 2-day CPET
Betsy Keller, Ph.D.,  Ithaca College

Polar metabolites distinguish ME/CFS patients and controls
Maureen Hanson, Ph.D., Cornell University

Fellowship opportunity in ME/CFS
Daniel Peterson, M.D., Simmaron Research

Assessment of Neurobiological Dysfunction in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Benjamin H. Natelson, Xiangling Mao, Diana Vu, Michelle Blate, Gudrun Lange, Aaron J Stegner, Guoxin Kang and Dikoma C. Shungu

     Poster:  Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS): a presumptive mitochondrial disorder
     L Bulone, AE Slonim, C Warshafs, M Grovit, T Goldberg, J Chouinard, DC Shungu

Poster: Eukaryotes in the ME/CFS gut microbiome
Alexandra Mandarano, Ph.D. student

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