All Center activities will be coordinated through an Administrative Core, which will foster synergy and integration within the Center. The Administrative Core is also be responsible for outreach activities, designed to increase awareness and understanding of ME/CFS within the research community, health professionals, and the general public.

The Administrative Core is led by the Center Principal Investigator, Dr. Maureen Hanson, assisted by Dr. Gary Koretsky, Vice Dean on Academic Integration at Cornell University and Weill Cornell Medicine, and the Center Administrator, Susi Varvayanis, who is also Senior Director of the Cornell NIH BEST (Broadening Experiences in Scientific Training) program.

Center Director
Maureen Hanson, Ph.D.
Liberty Hyde Bailey Professor
Molecular Biology & Genetics
Cornell University

Gary Koretsky, M.D.
Professor of Medicine
Vice Dean on Academic Integration
Weill Cornell Medical College
Cornell University

Advisor to the Center Director
Susi Varvayanis, M.S.
Senior Director
Microbiology and Immunology
Cornell University
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